ADW.Launcher Crash!

ADW.Launcher is a wonderful application that replaces the home screen on Android and for us poor G1 owners, adds loads of features found in later versions of Android 🙂

This morning I turned my phone on and nothing, black blank screen, there is the status bar but nothing else 🙁 Could not load any apps or anything! HELP!

At this point I thought I was going to have to do a hard reset to get it back. Fortunately I decided to put it down and have a think before doing anything rash. What I needed to do was get into the Settings menu, but how?

The keyboard shortcuts was the key (if you forgive the pun) sadly there is no shortcut to the settings but it can be done.

Slide the keyboard out and press the Menu key and the B key. This brings up the browser, then press the search key (magnifying glass) button twice, this brings up the Search dialog box then type in Settings. Then a drop down search results box will appear and then you can select “Settings (Application)”. Then go into Applications -> ADW.Launcher and then in the Defaults part, click the Clear Defaults option. Then when you press the home button you can select Home instead of ADW.Launcher 🙂


I then re-installed ADW.Launcher and everything is back to normal, lost the ADW.Launcher settings but I would rather have that that a hard reset.

16 thoughts on “ADW.Launcher Crash!

  1. Wow… thanks worked like a charm for my intercept. ADW ubuntu theme messed it up and the phone has gone into continuous crash cycle.

    luckily found your instructions in goole..thanks

  2. Thank you for your input, that was awesome. i also found out that for touchscreen phones, if you can get voice command to work then you can get to settings that way

  3. hey i m using galaxy 5 the same problem and its bursting my mind out here can u guide me with it !!!!!!!!
    i read the instructions above but not finding how do u got into settings please help !!!!!!!!!

  4. its done i got into keyboard >>keyboard settings >> skins>>android market>> downloaded easy uninstaller>>uninstalled adw >> and done easy enough>> but then too thanks for your idea of getting into keyboadr then settings good !!!!!
    i appreciate it!!!!!!

  5. =O I was freaking out with my phone the unbutu theme crashed my adw too! Thank you thank you a lot you are a genious!!

  6. hey i have the same problem.but i have a touch screen phone with no keyboard.i have this phone:VODAFONE JOY 845.please help..

  7. Help! Same problem, with a Galaxy S. No keyboard, phone is currently non-functional past the security screen!!!

  8. Hi Frase, I don’t have that phone handy but if you look at the comments above from James and Serious you might be able to recover it from there as it looks like they managed it from similar situations!

    Good luck!

  9. I solved the problem through an advert on advanced task killer which opened up a web browser i then searched for the app it then asked if wanted to open up google market place from their i was able to uninstall it problem solved

  10. That is a really neat way around it 🙂 I really need to update the post with a list of these from the comments .

  11. Found my way out thanks to this article and comments after a damaged theme triggered a vicious crash cycle. My battery indicator was still running, so I opened it. I clicked the Upgrade button and I managed to get into the market. I searched for the theme and uninstalled it, forcing my ADW launcher to load the default theme 🙂

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