River Severn Sillyness

Yesterday IĀ  went out for a trip on the Severn with Dave and Alan from SoTP.Ā  Was good fun šŸ™‚

Our put in point was at Hampton Lode, there used to be a ferry over the river there until last year when it was washed away in the same rains that did for the SVR šŸ™Ā Ā Ā  Our take out point was at Arley which is approx 4.7 miles down river.

The river was a little, erm,Ā  frisky šŸ™‚Ā  It was estimated that it was about 8 feet higher than normal and there was a lot of debris in the river.Ā Ā  Dave estimated that last time he did this trip it took him about 3 hours ish.Ā  Due to the strong current we flew down it in about 1.5 hours šŸ™‚

Damn good fun šŸ™‚Ā  Landed at Arley for a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich in the tea rooms šŸ™‚

One thing that puzzled me with the bacon sandwich was that for some reason it was served with a small stack (about 5) plain pringles.Ā  This did baffle me somewhat but at least it was not grated carrot šŸ™‚


Went for a paddle at the weekend with some lovely people off SOTP šŸ™‚

Went all round Bala lake (in Wales for the geographically disadvantaged) in the wind, rain and glimpses of sunshine. Weather was not too bad though but I must remember to keep my boat inflated šŸ™‚

My new dry trousers worked though which was a bonus as although I did not fall in I did have to wade a little bit šŸ™‚

Sadly no piccys as they did not come out very well, I think I need a new camera, one that is waterproof might be an idea šŸ™‚