Why lobby when you can lunch in Corfu

I will assume you have heard the news about Lord Mandy, Geffen and a quick paid for amendment to UK Gov policy…

On http://gl.u.gg a forum for nice people 🙂 Spinnie who has a flair for playing devil’s advocate said

Civil rights groups? It’s a civil right to steal stuff? I must have missed that memo.

It is a valid question and I offer the following:

It is a civil right not to have a form of communication cut off on the basis of unsubstantiated rumor by an arbitrary commercial trade interest group.

Does this seem any more rational:

“The Associated Amateur Dramatics Union paid observer in the pub heard that you went to see a play and then spoke to several friends and said it was not very good, this was damaging to our revenue stream. Our source said that you had done this before. Therefore we demand the right that you no longer have the right to have a telephone to prevent you causing any more damage to our business.”

There is nothing I fear more than Am-Dram societies getting organised.