Cooking Parsnip and Pecan Cake: The Linux Distro Guide

From a conversation on #staffslug

We start of with a recipe for fantastic cake :

We then see how given this recipe or source different distros would approach cooking it based on past experiences. Please note this is humour and don’t start getting pedantic 🙂


Cooking is reasonably successful, not very fast but was reasonably friendly, used brand name ingredients, the icing sugar came out a bit odd but tasted alright so you can’t be arsed to fix it.


Getting the ingredients together took a tad longer, couln’t use the recipe as provided as the BBC trademark did not fit with the rules, consequently cake is now called IcedParsnip Cake but apart from that the recipe went well, shame some of the ingredients were a little stale. Also mixed spice cannot be used as it is a closed ingredient provided by a third party company that refuses to reveal the exact recipe.


Cake was baked with tried and tested ingredients some however were a couple of years old. Cake, although of professional quality was rock hard and stable. Better for construction use than eating. RedHat cake comes with support tag, CentOS version identical but now called CommunityEnterpriseCake.


Uses the freshest ingredients but halfway through the baking stabs you in the face with a circular dependency on pecans.rpm.


All ingredients have to be grown from scratch (yes you could use packages but then you could not do compiler fu), recipe is eventually very quick but by the time you have grown everything and baked the cake everyone else has eaten theirs (also then you find out it has raisins in it as you messed up a USE flag when you were fiddling with stuff waiting for your pecan tree).