New Project : Pi in the Sky!

I was asked by the nice folk at Red Spider Hire if I fancied going up in one of their fantastic machines to take some pictures at the village show.  I was totally up for this until I realised it clashed with the date of a friends birthday party.   Something needed to be done.

So I decided to replace myself with a couple of Raspberry Pi machines 🙂

The plan:

Get the first Pi (pivite-eye) with the CSI Raspberry Pi camera to stream live video to the second Pi (pi-tv) where it will be displayed on a monitor or projector or something.   Pi-TV and Pivate-eye will communicate over wifi provided by a MiFi wireless 3G access point.   This will also allow Pi-TV to take screenshots and post them to twitter etc and any other sillyness.


  • Getting it to work!
  • Video resolution vs latency
  • Video resolution vs bandwidth
  • Automating the setup so it can be setup or reset without my intervention.
  • Automating video snapshotting
  • Automating twitter posting
  • Weatherproofing


3 thoughts on “New Project : Pi in the Sky!

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  2. Hi Mike! I need to do the updates for this but it went well but the twitter integration failed but it is a long story 🙂 I backed an arduino starter kit recently on a crowd funding site and I can’t wait for it to arrive 🙂

    I do have one already but it is in my Hexbright torch ( would post a link but on phone).

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