On hold to Vodamoan (Vodafone)

/me complaining on IRC about calling Vodafone…

< tig> grrr dealing with vodamoan :-I
< tig> up a tier and round and round we go
< tig> will it get fixed nobody knows…
< tig> tell the tale tell it once more
< tig> I am repeating my self now, what a bore
< tig> on hold with the music in a repeating loop
< tig> now my hot cup of tea is luke warm gloop
< tig> will they come back, it’s a mystery to me
< tig> yuck I now am having to suffer a mug of cold tea
< tig> but what is this that wakes me from my slumber?
< tig> oh cock it is tech support telling me to ring another number 🙁