UPDATED! G1 home, call button not working and lock not working FIXED WITHOUT RESET!

Hurrah,   this is a problem I have come across on my G1 a few times usually after the phone has powered off due the battery running out and each time I have had to hard reset to fix 🙁  but today I found a way to restore functionality without having to reinstall everything.

Go to the market and install “Anycut” (which is free) then open it and create a new shortcut to an action.  In the action list scroll down to Setup Wizard (there will be about 4 of these) and select the last one.   Accept the name at the prompt and then exit to the home screen by using the back button repeatedly.

Anycut is no longer in the market but there is another free application called “dg QuickCut” which will do the job.

Install “dg QuickCut” and run it,  you will then want to “create a desktop shortcut”

Select Actions

Scroll down to Setup Wizard (there are three of these on mine)  and select the last one.

Return to the home screen and select the Icon you have just created.

This will bring up the setup wizard,  go through it and sign into your Google Account

After doing this it will start looping,  ie going back to the sign in but this does not matter as you can press the home key AND IT WILL WORK!

If the short cut takes you a point half way through the setup wizard,  run through it and then go back into dg Quick Cut and select a different startup wizard entry.

Find the Setup Wizard icon on your homescreen (it will be where ever it fits) and run it,   you may need to sign into your google account again and just follow the steps,  when it exits your phone should be working again 🙂

ADW.Launcher Crash!

ADW.Launcher is a wonderful application that replaces the home screen on Android and for us poor G1 owners, adds loads of features found in later versions of Android 🙂

This morning I turned my phone on and nothing, black blank screen, there is the status bar but nothing else 🙁 Could not load any apps or anything! HELP!

At this point I thought I was going to have to do a hard reset to get it back. Fortunately I decided to put it down and have a think before doing anything rash. What I needed to do was get into the Settings menu, but how?

The keyboard shortcuts was the key (if you forgive the pun) sadly there is no shortcut to the settings but it can be done.

Slide the keyboard out and press the Menu key and the B key. This brings up the browser, then press the search key (magnifying glass) button twice, this brings up the Search dialog box then type in Settings. Then a drop down search results box will appear and then you can select “Settings (Application)”. Then go into Applications -> ADW.Launcher and then in the Defaults part, click the Clear Defaults option. Then when you press the home button you can select Home instead of ADW.Launcher 🙂


I then re-installed ADW.Launcher and everything is back to normal, lost the ADW.Launcher settings but I would rather have that that a hard reset.