RT Install : t/heuristic……FAILED test 6

Installing RT on Debian today I got into a bit of a CPAN dependacy loop with the make fixdeps tool :(  I eventually tracked it down to the URI module.

Basically the URI module fails to install because of :

t/heuristic……FAILED test 6

On doing some digging this was to do with checking correct name resolution and looking for a picture of a camel on the perl site (you can’t make this stuff up 🙂 ).

At the moment something is a bit screwy and this test is currently failing but it is not a big issue for correct operation.  The simple work around is to attempt to install it (  cpan URI ) wait for it to barf and then pop into /etc/resolv.conf comment out your nameservers,  rerun cpan URI and it will install correctly (remember to uncomment your name servers again in resolv.conf! 🙂

Now to get the rest of it up again 🙂

Oh BTW I installed XML::RSS and DBD::mysql via apt-get in the end 🙂