Ubuntu on the Eeee battery life

Well the battery monitor app either needs housetraining or something as it bounces up and down more than I do 🙂

10 mins ago it told me I had 6 mins remaining and now it has crept back up again 🙂

Currently :

tigger@eee:~$ uptime
12:13:00 up 2:39, 2 users, load average: 0.66, 0.50, 0.47

This is sitting in the pub (tea and orange juice sadly) waiting for my car to be fixed. So well over two and a half hours of wibbling and wifi on a low backlight and it has not run out yet. Battery monitor still says 10% remaining but now thinks that will only last 5 mins!

Something is amiss here 🙂

edit : right in the end it lasted about 3 hours or so but then died with no warning just a sudden power off.   It had warned me I was low on power earlier but not right at the end.  It might be that it has not had time to profile the power use yet but although it is a bit flakey it seems to be slightly more useful than the Xandros one which I never did trust.