Lastminute copyrighting a colour?

I am not a lawyer but I would have thought that you could only trademark something in reference to a particular aspect of your business. The lastminute website though currently reads :”, “lastminute” and the colour (block of magenta) colour are all trademarks owned by Last Minute Network Limited and/or its group companies.

Erm wtf. I know the Easy Group will hunt you down if you use easysomething and use a predominantly orange colour scheme but I don’t think even they actually claim they have trademarked orange itself.

If this sort of nonsense carries with other companies some of my more colourful trousers may have so many copyright notices on that they will start resembling a F1 car….

One thought on “Lastminute copyrighting a colour?

  1. I noticed that aswell – the first thing I did was google search “lastminute trademarked colour” and your blog came up – has no-one else noticed this?!

    What will be trademarked next, water?

    I’d love someone to inform us what exactly the trademark is for… for the actual colour, or the way last minute displays the block of colour?!


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