– google talk / pidgin problems fixed

Just a quicky,  to get working with pidgin:

1.  Enter your gmail address in

2.  In pidgin add as a buddy

3.  You will get an authorise request (or 4 🙂 ) just authorise the first one and give it a sane name like

4. Try sending it an IM,  this will probably fail with a message : [] Unknown user; go to to add your address to your account

5. Look at what username your message went from in my case it was

6. Pop back into the web page for IM settings and change your IM name to what ever it sent it as

7. You will get a message from saying basically click on this link to confirm your jabber id.

8. Click on it.

Done 🙂

The Vista with many apologies to E.A.Poe

aOne night when I was weary,and the night was cold and dreary
Over the man pages of Vim an Emacs and their cryptic lore
Whilst I slumpt on the mousemat suddenly a polling,
As some client asking for an IP address at my chamber door.
‘Tis some client, I muttered tossing an IP at the door, polling at my chamber door,
only this and nothing more.

Fast forward :>>

And the client always flapping, like the users always weeping
at the network rules of gateway like portal door
and whilst the traffic is archaic and the protocol anarcic
the traffic will fail to flow without this stupid flaw
and my soul was rather lifted but saddened for the afflicted
to know that Vista does not work…