Intrepid Ibex on the Eee701

Despite being quite happy with the default install of Xandros on my Eee701 that I have been using for nearly a year now I have taken the plunge and installed Ubuntu on it, partly to standardise (all my other desktop role machines are running Ubuntu) and also because there were a few features I missed from Ubuntu/Gnome when using Xandros, mainly network manager and decent battery status reporting 🙂

Ubuntu on the Eee has been around for ages but there seemed to be a whole raft of little spin off projects dedicated to it. After much consideration I decided to go with the stock image and the patches from 🙂

Followed the install notes and it all worked flawlessly which was a relief as earlier versions of Ubuntu needed a bit of tweaking to get running, but I am pleased to report it is all running fine 🙂

Boot up time is not quite as fast as the stunning boot up time of xandros but it seems ok and I might have a go at tweaking it a bit to shave a few seconds off the boot time 🙂