SVR Appeal

The lovely Severn Vally Railway is in a bit of a state due to a spot of inclement weather in the UK. Give give give, they do a fantastic job and bring lots of money to the Severn Valley and now they need your help.

I love the SVR it is run by people who really care about it and the shocking floods we have had over the last couple of weeks have caused an immense amount of damage with track being left in mid air with no ground supporting it.

Show them some love

For my bit (hic) I staffed the beer tent at this weeks gala/fundraiser, which was yesterday, (and bought my own beer) and nature was incredibly cruel and not only did it rain all day but the night before washed two trees onto the line cutting the Bewdley station off from Kidderminster where there were apparently 800 people who wanted to come on the train. Sadly it took a couple of hours to clear the track and I fear that we lost a lot of people because of the weather and the trains not running 🙁

The irony being that today it has been lovely, top down in the sunshine all the way back, argh one day out 🙁